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European Centre for Dispute Resolution (ECDR) is a private non-profit institute founded on 3 February 2012 which offers services on contractual basis to natural and legal persons, corporations, small and medium size enterprises, public agencies, courts and other governmental and non-governmental organizations, which wish to establish or exercise schemes of cost-effective, business-friendly dispute prevention, management and early resolution. ECDR provides administrative and organizational support to procedures, carried out by accredited expert neutrals from all over the world.   

ECDR was incorporated as a response to a growing demand from trade and companies, consumers and their organizations, individuals,  state courts and other entities of public nature. The common denominator of their needs  is to establish a modern, personal- and business-friendly management and resolution of disputes through primary dispute resolution procedures, carried out by accredited and therefore specially trained professionals.

ECDR offers services in various fields, with emphasis on commercial, financial, business, consumer, civil, family and employment issues. 

ECDR offers wide range of services from dispute system design, partnering or mediation in corporate governance conflicts to early neutral evaluation, mediation, conciliation, arbitration, specialized procedure for resolution of consumer disputes or hybrid procedures like med-arb and arb-med in both, internal and external issues, controversies or disputes.

Activities of the ECDR are focused on excellence in providing high quality services. Only those experts in dispute prevention, management and resolution are accredited, who meet the pre-specified objective criteria and are chosen discretionally by the competent ECDR body. 

ECDR adopts and publishes rules of procedures, which are in conformity with national, European and International laws and regulations and follow recognized international standards and practice. The rules are adopted with the approval of the ECDR Council for Legal Questions and the ethical conduct of experts is supervised by ECDR Council for Ethical Questions. Both expert councils are composed by reputed domestic and international legal experts.

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